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 Brass Sanitary Parts
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 Brass Sanitary Parts
Brass Coupling Nuts
Brass Coupling Nuts Brass Coupling Nuts           Manufacturer and Exporter of Brass Sanitary Components, Brass Panel Nuts, Brass Hex nuts, Brass Wing nuts, Brass Sanitary Parts, Brass Coupling Nuts, Hex Coupling Nuts, Brass Dome nuts Acorn, Brass Nuts, Brass Square Nuts, Hex lock nuts, Sanitary Fitting Brass Coupling Nuts, Nickel Plated Brass Nuts, Brass Sanitary Fittings, Brass Bush Pin Rings. Brass Coupling Nuts
Brass Coupling Nuts
   Brass Sanitary PartsBrass Coupling Nuts
  Brass Coupling Nuts  
Hex Coupling Nuts Brass Hex Coupling Nuts
Hex Coupling Nuts Brass Hex Coupling Nuts
Inch size
Metric size

Thread Size

Across Flat



Hole Size

Weight Kgs/Mpcs

#10-24 5/16 3/4 M5-P0.8 8 25
1/4-20 3/8 7/8 M6-P10 10 25
1/4-20 7/16 1-3/4 M8-P1.25 11 50
3/8-16 1.2 1-1/8 M10-P1.5 13 50
3/8-16 9/16 1-3/4 M12-P1.75 15 60
7/16-14 5/8 1-3/4      
1/2-13 11/16 1-3/4      
5/8-11 13/16 1-3/4      
3/4-10 1" 2-1/4      
7/8-9 1-1/4 2-1/2      
Round Coupling Nuts  
Size Weight Size Weight
  M4x8x20 6   M8x13x30 21
  M6x8x25 4.5   M10x12x30 13.8
  M6x10x20 8   M10x13x30 15
  M6x10x25 10.3   M10x13x40 20
  M6x10x30 11.8   M12x15x30 19
  M8x10x20 8   M12x15x40 25.5
  M8x11x20 8.2   M12x16x40 33
  M8x11x25 10   M16x19x45 40.8
  M8x11x30 12.2   M16x22x45 66
  M8x12x20 10.9   M20x22x50 60
Hex Coupling Nuts Coupling Nuts
Coupling nuts are long nuts used to connect two lengths of threaded rod or other male threaded fasteners. These are offered in the two shapes as hex and round.
Any kind of coupling nuts, brass sanitary parts can be developed and supplied exactly as per Customer Specifications & Requirement.
  Brass Sanitary Parts
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